Best Wood Filler

I have used several types of wood filler over the years, but the best wood filler is ...U-POL EASY ONE. It is a light weight 2 Part filler which is very easy to sand unlike many on the market. It comes in a large 3.5 litre tub with two packets of hardener (The Catalyst)
Painter and Decorator Edinburgh Upol Easy One

-Extremely lightweight body filler.
-Excellent filling properties.
-The easiest sanding of all the UPOL body fillers.
-High adhesion to a wide range of substrates: steel, aluminium, GRP and wood.

This filler is very easy to sand and therefore recommend that nothing coarser or lower than P80 paper is used.

I hope this review was helpful and that you agree U-pol Easy 1 is the best wood filler on the current market.
Kirkwood Decor Painter and Decorator Edinburgh