Brush Mate Trade 20

After using any form of oil paint, cleaning out our brushes can be time consuming and often creates
some sort of mess. However Brush Mate have brought out a solvent based box to hang your oil based paint brushes.Painter and Decorator Edinburgh Brush Mate Trade 20

This will keep the bristles from going hard and increase the lifespan of your well worked down paint brushes. Often painters will leave their brushes in a pot of water for weeks on end and find that the tips
of the bristles start to bend and loose their shape.

However when using the Brush Mate this is not going to happen as their are 20 individual hooks inside the box to hang your brushes and keep the bristles in perfect condition.

Inside the box is a small bottle of fluid which is used to emit the vapour which keeps the bristles soft and pliable. A small wick rests inside the bottle of fluid and connects to the vapour panel next to your paint brushes.

The paint brushes are always available for instant use. They are also clearly visible and are not touching one another so no paint colour is transferred from one brush to another.

Brush Mate Trade 20 is roughly available in the painting and decorating market for £50.00 and replacement bottles of fluid are available from under £4.00

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