Removing Wallpaper

When removing wallpaper or lining paper the task can be slow and tedious depending on which type of wallpaper is being removed or how many layers of paper are present.
To help make the the process easier we can use specific tools or equipment.

When choosing a wallpaper scraper I prefer to use the short handled heavy duty Olfa Scraper, as it is Painter and Decorator Edinburgh Olfa Scraperlight weight and comfortable to use for long periods of time.
The blades provided are extremely sharp and easily changed.

To speed up the process I use a garden pressure sprayer to regularly soak walls and ease the process.
You can purchase a pressure sprayer from your local Edinburgh B&Q for roughly £15.00

On the market their are several solutions which can be added to the water to help aid the removal of wallpaper. In my opinion these don't work well and are often a waste of money.

I simply add one cap-full of regular fabric softener to help clean any excess wall paper paste and "keep the walls wet"

If the above methods of wallpaper removal are not proving effective then try using a steam stripper as well. You can continue to soak the wallpaper using the pressure sprayer to speed up the process.
On walls which are old and tired, you must make sure to keep the steam plate moving and not hold in the one position for too long as this can often cause the old plaster to blow and sections fall off.

I hope this basic information can help and also make the task feel less daunting. For any other information or for a free no obligation quote contact Kirkwood Decor. Thanks.

Kirkwood Decor Painter and Decorator Edinburgh