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What Caulk?

A decorator’s worst nightmare is to finish that paint job, only for the caulk to crack or craze leading to urgent repair or recompense. That’s why choosing the right filler is crucial for your decorating project. There are a variety of different caulks to choose from depending on your situation and project, from acrylic and […]

What Caulk

Floor Paint

What Floor Paint to Use?

ONE of several common problems concerning floor paints which are received by Technical Services each week is floor paint being “slow drying” or “not drying”; Other problems include “the paint’s lifting off the floor” or “the paint’s flaking up”, “some areas have worn off already!” or “the paint is coming away on my car tyres!” […]

Paste The Wall

MORE THAN 80% of professional decorators questioned during a recent survey carried out by PPG Architectural Coatings believe Paste the Wall products are significantly easier and quicker to apply than traditional wallpaper. The survey, which saw a panel of experienced decorators try out Paste the Wall wallcoverings, discovered that 85% said they had found it […]

Paste the wall