Best Water Based Gloss?

Best Water Based Gloss?

Crown Trade has launched Next Generation Plus Gloss which in my opinion is the best water based gloss. It’s a new and improved version of its original 2010 VOC compliant solvent-borne system, targeted at professional decorators who prefer to use traditional alkyd based products to the new breed of high performance water based acrylic systems available, wherever a gloss finish is required.

Senior Crown Trade Brand Manager Debbie Orr says: “Those professionals who have not yet been persuaded to make the switch will love our new and improved Next Generation Plus Gloss, and not only because it offers the application characteristics they are comfortable with. Our chemists have used the most advanced drying systems available in the new formulation and the resulting high sheen finish retains its ‘just painted’ appearance for longer than other 2010 compliant alkyd based gloss systems on the market.

As professional decorators know, all alkyd based coatings will eventually ‘yellow’ over time but with our new gloss this happens much more slowly.” “Next Generation Plus Undercoat has also been improved and has great levelling properties, providing an excellent foundation for the gloss to adhere to.

The result is a bright white gloss finish that will last.” Before finalising the formulations for the new Gloss and Undercoat, Crown subjected both products to extensive testing programmes. In addition to exhaustive laboratory testing, the manufacturer has also worked closely with a number of contractors across the country, carrying out lengthy performance trials and application tests in order to optimise the new formulations.

One of those contractors is D Dyke & Son (Decorating Contractors) Ltd based in Cannock in Staffordshire. The family owned business which has been operating for over fifty years specialises in the new build sector and works for major builders such as Miller, Bellway and Cala Homes across the Midlands region.

Best Water Based GlossJulie Dyke comments on the best water based gloss: “We’ve had a few issues with ‘yellowing’ since manufacturers had to drop their solvent levels in order to comply with the most recent round of VOC legislation. We’ve been really keen to find a solution and have been trying every type of gloss we can get our hands, water based and solvent borne alike, even some of the retail brands! We’ve been testing them all to see which our decorators like and which gives the best finish.”

She continues; “That’s why we were very pleased to be part of Crown’s field trials. We used Next Generation Plus Gloss extensively on all the MDF and timber trim areas on a new threebed detached property on one of the Miller Homes sites we’ve been working on. Our operatives love the way the paint flows off the brush and have told me it’s a ‘real pleasure’ to go back to a gloss like that. The appearance is great and we’ve had no issues with yellowing, so we’ve decided to switch all our specs to Next Generation Plus and are now waiting for it to start coming off the production lines.”

Debbie Orr comments on the best water based gloss: “Crown Paints has adopted the stance that in most new build environments acrylic coatings are our recommended option as these are the only products guaranteed not to visibly yellow over time, either as a result of natural light or exposure to certain products used in the construction of new buildings. Our New Build Acrylic Gloss and Satin systems are ideal for use in this sector. However, we know that whilst the market is steadily and inevitably changing, there are still some professional decorators who prefer the feel of traditional solvent borne products under the brush. They will love the application characteristics of Next Generation Plus and their clients will benefit too. When it comes to solvent borne gloss performance we believe that we have managed to turn back the clock to pre-2010 as far as yellowing is concerned.”

Next Generation plus Gloss and Next Generation Plus Undercoat is the best water based gloss in my opinion and will shortly be available in White in the full range of 1, 2.5 and 5 litre packs from merchants and specialist decorating outlets.